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Tools 4 Teachers Card Sorts were created for harnessing and growing student knowledge, and teacher-student and student-student interaction through card-matching activities and learning strategies. Our cards are developed for educators by educators. We choose topics that are difficult to grasp and turn learning into fun, game-like experiences. Our method is designed to solidify basic factual knowledge in core topics that can be used to springboard into socratic questioning. T4T Card Sorts are aligned to national curriculum standards, benchmarks and Common Core Standards, as well as state standards and benchmarks. The content contained in the sorts is basic information that every citizen and student should know. Students and adults alike love the challenge our Card Sorts provide.

Card Sort Subjects

Tools 4 Teachers Card Sorts provide hours of practice and are easy to store and carry. All sorts are printed on heavy-grade card stock for durability, and are covered in an aqueous solution for protection from water. Among the Tools 4 Teachers Card Sorts available now:

  • American Wars, Dates and Presidents
  • United States Constitution 
  • U.S. Constitutional Amendments
  • Plant and Animal Cells
  • International Organizations
  • Geometry Formulas 
  • Trigonometry

We also offer a Socratic Questions Card Sort for quick reference of the six types of socratic questions, which are considered the heart of critical thinking. We are constantly expanding this list, so check back regularly for new card sorts.

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