Thank you so much for the kind words from students and teachers alike!

Jeff K.

“I can honestly say that I made my biggest improvements as a classroom instructor under Rachel Snell’s supervision. She took me under her wing and immediately brought me up to speed with her classroom policies and curriculum. I will continue to use her as a resource and mentor throughout my educational career.” 

Amanda B.

“The sorting cards I used in Mrs. Snell’s classroom made a world of difference in my education. These cards allowed me to visually see the progression of events and color-code them in order to store the information in my memory. It was easy to study, and when asked to recall this information, I could do it!” 

Courtney F.

“I was able to watch a group of juniors and seniors work on the amendment flashcards and match up the answers like it was no problem. Not only were the students using critical thinking skills and reflecting on prior knowledge to match the cards, but they were also having fun doing it. As a student teacher, the amount of information I learned from Mrs. Snell was enormous and has put me on the right track to becoming a great teacher one day. When I get a full-time teaching job, I will definitely be using these cards to help my own students become masters in the content area of history.” 

Andrea H.

“I don’t remember everything I learned in high school, but I can still name the major wars the United States was involved in, their dates and who was president at the time. Her flashcards helped me learn information and, more importantly, retain it.” 

Megan G.

“Rachel Snell had a way of encouraging students to reach their potential that was unlike any other teacher I have encountered. She was always working her hardest to provide unique learning tools that would hold our interest, as well as leave a lasting impression to ensure our academic success.” 

Emily H.

“When I reached Mrs. Snell’s class, it was like a light bulb moment. Ding! We were actively engaged in what we were learning, doing something creative and hands-on as a study session. The ‘Wars, Dates and Presidents’ was one subject I remember clearly. 
I have done my utmost to incorporate her methods into my studying habits at the collegiate level.” 

Hanna M.

“I had already learned about the wars and stuff, but it was nice to review using the card sorts and then research the item on my assigned card. ... Thank you, Mrs. Snell, for making those cards. They really helped me learn.” 

Amanda B.

“Eight years later, I still use the card-sort method when studying, and am able to distinctly recall the information presented on those cards. These cards not only helped me learn the material presented in Mrs. Snell’s classroom, but also presented a new and very effective study habit for me.” 

Amy G.

“The American Wars, Dates and President sorts have been great for my first-grade students! I have used the sorts to engage the students in so many different ways, and they have learned so much. They love the challenge and pick up the information and sequencing really quickly. Who would have thought first-graders could memorize the American Wars, Dates and Presidents using card sorts? Every teacher should have a classroom set!”

Mary Pitchford

“Rachel Snell taught social studies classes at Coleman High School for 10 years. In her time at CHS, our social studies scores soared. Her rapport with students is excellent, and she truly brings her social studies classes to life for students.” 

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