For classroom instruction, Tools 4 Teachers recommends you use 11 sorts per classroom. Through collaborative learning, students work together to make discoveries and connections. Using card sorts this way promotes communication through hands-on, engaged activities. Among our recommended uses:

  • AP classes
  • Remedial learning
  • Home-schoolers
  • Tutoring
  • Students with special needs
  • Adult education
  • Pre-law classes
  • College prep


Card Sorts Components

  • 30-60 game cards
  • One answer key card
  • One instructional card
  • Endless opportunities to make mistakes, learn and ultimately master material


  1. Open the card sort.
  2. Read instructions.
  3. Remove answer key and place face down.
  4. Shuffle the game cards so that they are as random as possible.
  5. Match the cards according to the directions.
  6. Check to see if your cards match that of the answer key.
  7. If they are incorrect, pick them up, shuffle again and repeat.
  8. Continue this process.
  9. Write-ups: 

Can you write the game cards from memory?


Great work! You’ve just mastered this card set.


Try the game again, until you can recall the entire sort from memory.


Multi-Functional Uses

  • Pair shares
  • Blended learning
  • To differentiate instruction
  • Bulletin boards
  • Research 
  • Web quests
  • Instructional review
  • Socratic questioning
  • Projects

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