Reasons to Use T4T Card Sorts

Why use Tools 4 Teachers Card Sorts? Why not! We turn learning into fun, game-like experiences. Aligned to national curriculum standards, benchmarks and Common Core Standards, as well as state standards and benchmarks, our sorts contain basic information that every citizen and student should know.

  • Our Card Sorts are much-needed resources for secondary/post-secondary education.
  • They are designed by an award-winning practicing educator to help all learners master the basics in math, science, social studies and English-language arts.
  • The secondary education market does not have many great hands-on, challenging resources available for students and educators. These new tools are great for educators, home-schoolers, tutors and organizations to help all students learn.
  • Card Sorts build every student’s confidence, which in turn ignites a stronger love for learning.
  • Card sorting, when practiced regularly, helps build mastery of basic concepts, facts and ideas.
  • Card sorting improves student retention on basic foundational skills and knowledge that is tested and assessed.
  • Forget passive vocabulary or flash cards: Card sorting gets kids critically thinking and problem-solving.
  • Card sorting helps build critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and communication skills.
  • They help prepare your students for greater success on the Smarter-Balanced Assessment tests, ACT exam, PSAT exam, Advanced Placement exams, state assessments, classroom assessments and many other tests.
  • Card sorting helps build focus, strong study habits, retention and memory.
  • Card Sorts are excellent, hands-on learning tools that engage students in critical thinking and problem solving, activate prior knowledge, develop strong study skills, acquire strong communication skills, work with key ideas and vocabulary, collaborate with other students, build teams, project-based learning, and work with technology to extend learning.
  • The sorts are great tools for special education and special-needs students.
  • Classroom sorts reduce future printing costs and time preparing cut-outs or worksheets.
  • Card Sorts are great for English-language learning programs.

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